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About U Baron Group

3 Decades, 3 Generations, 3 Successful Businesses!


U Baron Group is  is a thriving family-owned, Colorado institution that began in 1994 and has grown to include:

A national artisan bakery, Izzio, a local Pastry Bakery & cafe Izzio at the Denver Central Market, Etai's Catering, and Etai's Bakery Cafes.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, gourmet breads or pastries to complement an at-home meal, or to enjoy a leisurely meal, you can expect superior ingredient quality, culinary creativity and excellent customer service.


The artisan bakery inspired by head baker, Maurizio Negrini. The cafes and catering business are jointly called “Etai’s” after our co-founder and now CEO, Etai Bar-on, The parent company for all three brands is "U Baron Group." We look forward to continuing to serve the quality, consistency and creativity that you have come to expect from us. 


With Gratitude,

U Baron Group

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101 East 70th Avenue Denver CO, 80221 Phone: 303.657.1600

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